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Avro Arrow Replica

Avro Arrow Replica

Location: Toronto Aerospace Museum, Downsview Airport, Toronto.

Replica of the Avro CF-105 Arrow, Registration number RL-203

Photo taken from access ladder to cockpit.

From Wikipedia:
RL-201 first flew on 25 March 1958 with Chief Development Test Pilot S/L Janusz Zurakowski at the controls. Four more J75-powered Mk.1s were delivered in the next 18 months. The test flights went surprisingly well; the aircraft demonstrated excellent handling throughout the flight envelope. Much of this was due to the natural qualities of the delta-wing, but an equal amount can be attributed to the Arrow's stability augmentation system. The aircraft flew supersonically on only its third flight and, on its seventh flight, achieved a speed of over 1,000 miles per hour at 50,000 feet, while climbing and still accelerating. A top speed of Mach 1.98 would eventually be reached at three quarters throttle.